7 Ways to Practice Self-Love This Valentine’s day


This Valentine’s day, take some time off to build a healthy relationship with yourself and start practicing self-love. It is important to be kind to your body and soul, which leads to being good to yourself. Psychologically, we start accepting our weakness and shortcomings, enhance our strengths and start having compassion for ourselves. Doesn't that sound like a great plan for yourself? You can showcase your love for another without a second thought, but would you do it for yourself? If yes, how do you proclaim self-love? Let's look at 7 great ways to fall in love with yourself.

1. Make self-talk the best talk

Let's start with a simple technique and you may have heard of this a few times in the past, but have you really practiced it? If not, it's time to get you started. Start your day, every day, by thinking of 5-10 things that you love about yourself. Also, walk up to the mirror and remind yourself how pretty you are inside out.

2. She is beautiful, but so am I!

Another way to start practicing self-love is to stop comparing yourself to another. This is probably something that a lot of us struggle with and it is also a part of how our society is built along with the influence of social media platforms. Let your happy moments take over the saddest ones, let your perfect days count for someone else's and be happy for yourself.

3. #treatyoself

Who doesn't love a little gift? You don't need someone else to buy you a gift, instead treat yourself to little things like a flowers, chocolates, a card or even something to take care and nourish your skin. It doesn't have to break a bank or burn a hole in your pocket, it can be something small, something that is about caring and loving yourself.

4.  Netflix and pizza

Netflix and chill with good food on Valentine’s day. Sounds like a perfect plan, doesn't it? A solo Valentine’s day doesn't have to be boring, catch up on your favourite feel-good show on Netflix with good food on the side.

5. Zen before men

Connect with your body and mind through meditation. Although it can be intimidating initially, it will eventually be a beautiful experience and something that can practice every day. Connect with your inner voice and true feelings.

6. Make time for yourself

Book a massage, take a bubble bath, put on a facemask, get started with a healthy skin regime or simply get a manicure for yourself. Take time off to pamper yourself, because you are totally worth it! 

7. The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate

Celebrate your accomplishments, however small they may seem to you! Keep a record of appreciations and compliments, treat yourself to a dinner or a little something that you've always wanted. Celebrate yourself!