• We believe that when you are smarter about what goes into your skincare, you’re on your way to feeling and being your best.
  • We will continue to be fully transparent with our ingredients and test our products in independent labs with your safety in mind.


  • What you say to yourself and others is equally as important as your skincare regime. A motivational thought can boost your confidence, while a compliment to a friend can leave them on a high. 
  • Here at speak, we advocate contagious positivity, humour and kindness. Not just for karma points but also because the best things in life meant to be free, amirite?
  • We understand your me-time should be cherished, so we’ve designed every product with naturally intoxicating scents and luxurious textures.
speak love
  • We’re always pushing ourselves to think of ways to minimize our impact on the environment.
  • In place of bags and boxes, we've partnered with NGOs to make upcycled bags from excess fabrics. This helps to keep them out of landfills and to give them a new home.
  • Our ongoing partnership with One Tree Planted for reforestation aids our efforts to continuously give back to the planet.

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