Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller

Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller

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Embrace the love energy and raise your vibration even higher.

Invigorate your facial massage with a rose quartz roller, that has over 6,000 sonic vibrations per minute. Enjoy a fresh and revitalized appearance, as this unique tool instantly helps to melt stress away. Perfect for daily use. 



• Helps tone and firm your look

• Improves appearance of skin tone and radiance

• Preps the skin to improve product absorption

• Encourages relaxation and relieve facial stress


How to use

1. To turn on: Twist base clockwise.

2. To turn off:  Twist base counter clockwise.

3. Start from centre of the face and roll outwards to the ears and towards the neck.

4. Gently roll up and down the neck towards the collarbone.

5. For delicate under eye area, turn off vibration and gently place stone to under eye area to decrease puffiness.



• Use after applying your favorite serum, moisturizer or facial oil.

• Store in fridge to enjoy cooling sensation.

• Roll over sheet masks to enhance essence absorption.


Care tips 

1. Clean stone regularly with a damp cloth or wash with gentle soap. Store dry.

2. Do not submerge handle in water.

Each roller is handcrafted and every stone is natural and unique. Color will vary slightly from the picture shown.